direct flows - remote purchasing - inbound & storage - customized services

Numerous logistics services

CAAC offers numerous logistics services to completely unburden the customer. From the delivery of direct flows, remote purchasing, warehousing and storage and various customized services. If your service is not listed, please contact us and we will look for the best solution.

Direct delivery

You can deliver the products to the CAAC within the extended delivery times. We ensure that your products are delivered to your box within 75 minutes after unloading (daytime delivery) or early the next morning (evening/night deliveries).
Multiple buyers on 1 load carrier? CAAC ensures that the trade is split for free and you save costs on transport.
CAAC processes trolleys, CCs and pallets.

KOA (Buy or Distance)

The purchaser purchases remotely and CAAC builds up the load carrier as efficiently as possible so that the costs for transport are as low as possible. CAAC provides the complete package from checking the numbers to passing them on to the carrier, you only need to receive the flowers and/or plants at your location.

Imposition and storage

You want to work as efficiently as possible. That is why CAAC offers the possibility to store and store your products in our depot. By scanning the products you know what is ready.
If you don’t want to wait at the LMC, there is a possibility to have packaging collected by the CAAC. This means you only have to load and unload once.


It happens that the logistics service you want is not listed. Everything is negotiable at the CAAC and we can apply customized services. Contact us for more information.

Interlocation transport

With the 20 connected transporters, the CAAC has a large network to organize inter-location transport. CAAC selects the most suitable carrier for you and relieves you of all aspects of inter-location transport.

extension for the floriculture sector

CAAC is the extension for growers, carriers and buyers without their own space at Royal FloraHolland’s export locations

Latest Technology

CAAC works with the latest technology so that the customer is always aware of where the products are

fast and efficient handling

CAAC stands for fast and efficient handling of your products inside and outside the auction

exceptional service

CAAC switches quickly and you can rely on its exceptional service